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The perfect delivery chip for fish & chip shops

Posted on 06/05/2020

Introducing SuperCrunch Fresh, a coated chilled chip that stays crunchy for up to 60 minutes and has a shelf-life of 21 days. With delivery more important than ever, Aviko has developed this wonderful chip to ensure your customers enjoy perfect chips delivered to their homes.

If you're interested in SuperCrunch Fresh, email us at or call 0800 633 5611.

What do customers want from chips?

We conducted some research to see what was important to consumers when they buy chips, here's what they said:

What Consumers What From Chips

Many consumers perceive chips & fries as not being suitable for delivery

We commissioned research company, Toluna, to see what consumers thought about chips and delivery, here's what they said:

  • Perception of fries for delivery is that they do not travel well and end up soggy.
  • 81% would order fries more often if they knew the fries arrived warm and crunchy.
  • On average a consumer spends twice as much on a delivery order compared to consuming on-premise.

SuperCrunch Fresh gives your customers what they want

Hot, crunchy chips when delivered. The main benefits of the chips are:

  • Less stress in the kitchen because the chips cook faster (just 3 minutes frying) and stay crunchy for longer.
  • Less stress when delivering as they travel better.
  • More potential: Scope of delivery is getting bigger.
  • Higher satisfaction level for customers ordering a delivery.

Research shows that SuperCrunch Fresh deliver!

We conducted consumer and lab research to test the quality of SuperCrunch Fresh, the results were very good, here are the highlights:

  • 93% of consumers preferred the crunchiness of SuperCrunch Fresh against competing brands, even after 15 minutes.
  • 83% of consumers would order fries for delivery if they knew the same crunchiness could be supplied as SuperCrunch.
  • SuperCrunch Fresh were still crunchy even after an hour under a heat lamp.

The Aviko Crunch Guarantee

  • We guarantee that SuperCrunch Fresh will remain crispy for 60 minutes!
  • This guarantee can also be used for customers. So they are sure they can count on crunchy fries.

Super Crunch Fresh Guarantee


Product Information

Super Crunch Fresh Product Information

Aviko SuperCrunch Fresh

Product code


Cut size


Carton size

2 x 4.5kg

EAN code packaging


EAN code carton


Number of cartons per pallet

72 cartons

Get in touch

If you're interested in SuperCrunch Fresh, email us at or call 0800 633 5611.

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