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Healthy Fast Food Options For Your Business

Posted on 10/06/2020

The past few months have been a whirlwind of change. Delivery is now more important than ever for reaching customers, this article looks at the importance of healthy fast food options for a growing customer segment.

Have you ever considered the financial implications of diversifying your menu to attract health-conscious consumers? Did you know that 41% of Generation Z (born between 1995-2015) and 32% of Millennials (born between 1980-1994) would "pay a premium" for ingredients which were sustainably sourced and reinforced health benefits?  

The demand for healthier food exists in all sectors of foodservice, including fast food. The healthy fast food chain Leon became one of the fastest growing restaurants in the UK, now expanding overseas in countries such as the Netherlands and the USA. Leon capitalised on the lack of healthy fast food options during the expansion of vegan/vegetarian trends. They have a menu which can cater for all, including meals under 500 calories. Their innovative menu is what helps them stay current within today's market.

Typically, throughout the week, consumers will try and maintain a healthy diet before the weekend blowout. Your restaurant can help consumers fulfil their dietary needs by making small adjustments to your menu, whilst staying on trend and appealing to the expanding health-focussed market. We have put together some ideas you can implement for your own menu.


A perfect workers' lunch for the summer. Salads provide an opportunity to get creative with different ingredients, textures and flavours. They are extremely simple to make and are a great way to utilise spare ingredients. 

Chicken salads are a hit for your customers who are looking to keep the keep the calories low, marinating chicken in a teriyaki glaze or simply adding a mango chilli dressing to the salad will bring flavour and personality to your menu. Make it more fulfilling by adding Herb Diced Potatoes and top off with crushed almonds and chia seeds for something that will look the business.

Herb Diced Potatoes complement a wide range of salads such as, Greek Salads, Poke Bowls, Buddha Bowls and Broccoli Salad.

Try this Chicken Caesar Salad recipe, simple to prepare and delicious. 


Chop and change the ingredients you use to create different themes, could you offer a spicy option with Chilli Cheese Bites, this will give the salad a bit of a kick, the crunchy outside paired with the gooey inside provides the dish with a range of textures and the subtle spice compliments the fresh salad perfectly. If you have no chicken in stock, or fancy making a vegetarian version, simply replace the chicken with unsalted chickpeas.

Bean salads are suitable for vegetarians, highly nutritious and packed with plant protein. Dazzle your salad menu with this Hash Brown Bites and Bean Salad! It is quick and easy to prepare and tastes great with this dressing. Watch this video Aviko put together on how to make a perfect Hash Brown Bites and Bean Salad.

Hash -brown -bite -bean -salad

With Food to Go continuing to grow operators are looking for pre-cooked ingredients that are easy to combine into a vibrant healthy salad. Aviko's chilled diced pre-cooked potatoes are one such ingredient taken by Tesco for one of their Ready to Eat salads.

Healthier sides

Sides are a super easy way to provide healthier options for your customers. Sides are an important part of your menu bumping up incremental sales with quick and easy to prepare add ons to your main menu. But you may be missing out on the opportunity due to the lack of healthy alternatives. Sides like Mash Potato and Sweet Potato are a great way to provide healthy options.

Mashed -potato -healthy -fast -food

Wow your customers by showcasing the possibilities capable with mash potato. A side which is perfect for all kinds of meals including, stews, chicken and mixed with other ingredients to make a meal of its own.

With mash being frozen in individual pellets, they are extremely easy to prepare in the microwave and take little time to serve. Their long shelf life means you do not need to worry about quality dropping over time, guaranteeing customers with great taste. For more information, or to request a sample, click here.

The United Kingdom is one Europe's largest importers of Sweet Potato, consumers absolutely love them! This in-high-demand product is a great addition for your business. Use Sweet Potato Fries as a meal deal option or serve them as loaded fries. We put together a Better for you, loaded fries recipe. The recipe includes marinated tomatoes and chickpeas, ideal as a sharing platter.


The naturally bright fries give any meal an eye-catching, vibrant appearance. They are ideal for takeaway too; the light rice flour coating keeps them crispy over time and the unique steam-blanch process helps to preserve natural sugars for the ultimate flavour. 

The healthy eating trend is begging to be capitalised on. Analyse your current menu to see where you can make small adjustments. An increasing number of your customers are willing to pay more for healthy tasty options.  

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Have you noticed customers order healthier options from your menu during the week? Do you already offer healthy alternatives, if so, what are you serving? What is your most popular order during lunchtime hours in the week? Get in touch, we'd love to hear your feedback.

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