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How to adapt your takeaway menu to drive profit

Posted on 04/12/2020

In part two of Aviko’s Home Delivery report we look at how you can adapt your menu to maximise the home delivery opportunity.

How can you adapt your menu to maximise the home delivery opportunity?

The report takes some of the key results from our customer survey, detailed in the first report, and goes into more detail about ways you can adapt your delivery menu to profitably meet the demands of customers. This includes:

  1. Working from home lunch - With much of the country working from their home offices, spare bedrooms, or the kitchen table, it is important to adapt your menu to meet the needs of customers in the post-lockdown world.
  2. The midweek treat - Our research showed 25% of respondents cited a midweek treat as being on of their main reasons to order a takeaway. Statistics from the delivery aggregators also back this up with customers ordering much earlier in the week than in 2019.
  3. The end of week treat - As you'd expect the end of week treat is still the boom time for home delivery with over 50% of respondents saying they would order a takeaway for an end of week treat.
  4. Cross-sell and up sell opportunities - An incredible 75% of people surveyed said they would order extras with their delivery.
  5. How can you reinvigorate the breakfast and brunch occasion? - Exploring ways in which you can satisfy this meal occasion.
  6. Rewarding loyalty - Repeat customers typically spend 67% more than new customers, we look at ways in which you maximise revenue from existing customers.

Download part two of the Home Delivery report:

Home Delivery Report Part 2

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