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Home Delivery – Why homemade sauces can take your business to the next level

Posted on 31/07/2020

Have you ever considered the potential benefits of having a homemade touch in your restaurant? With home delivery playing such an important role in foodservice right now this is a great way to stand out from the competition.

This article will be going through the reasons why it is so important to implement that homemade touch whilst giving ideas on what sauces you can use for your restaurant.


Authentic Takeaway Dips And Sauces

Injections of authenticity will help you stand out among your competition.

The sauces will give your customers more of a reason to order from your restaurant as they can relate to your business on a different level to any other food outlet. You will have total control into how the sauces are made, therefore better-quality ingredients will produce a better product to anything else. So, go ahead and try something new instead of a pre-made bottle of sauce that is so commonly used for takeaway.


When creating your homemade sauces, you have FULL control over the final product. This means that you can tailor the flavour of your sauces depending on your own personal preference and from the feedback of your customers, giving you a stronger brand identity within a competitive market.

Also, receiving feedback from your customers will help create a better product, helping you recognise what works and what could be improved depending on their likes and dislikes, which will help your business prosper. Ultimately, giving your customers what they want will create stronger customer loyalty which will positively influence your sales in the long term.

Once you are happy with how the sauces taste, you can master productions and preparation in bulk to manage costs.

Cost Effective Brand Appeal

Restaurant Word Of Mouth

Ingredients for homemade sauces are easy to find and are a great way to use up spare ingredients. Each sauce can be made into batch then stored for the long run. The cost of your own sauces will be negligible next to the increase in brand appeal and with that, word of mouth, customer loyalty, new customers, and ultimately profit.

Get creative with the sauce and standout! We have put together a few easy to prepare mayonnaise-based sauces that you can use or get inspiration from! Keep an eye on this blog, we'll be in the kitchen soon coming up with some more sauces and should have them here in a couple of weeks, make sure you sign up to our newsletter to never miss a beat.

Download our dip recipe book

Curry Mayonnaise

Mayo Video Thumb

Italian Mayonnaise

Mayo Video Thumb

To finish…

What do you think of the sauces? Have you ever considered introducing homemade sauces to increase the authenticity of your business? Get in touch, we love to hear back from our readers.

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