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Restaurant Management Systems: A Rundown

Posted on 03/05/2022

Restaurant Management can be a dizzying experience. Luckily there are a significant amount of technologies and apps that can assist in making it a lot simpler and easy to manage.

Below we have put together a selection of technologies to implement into your restaurant to make life easier, such as; Point of sale ( POS ), mobile order and pay solutions, HACCP and Employee scheduling. 

Which restaurant POS system is best?

When looking for POS (point of sale) systems there is a blinding amount of options. So today we have put together a simple table of necessary features and solutions.





Customisable layout

Yes + Menu management



Delivery + pickup

Available in app with 3rd party integrations

Yes, inbuilt manager

Yes as an added feature


offers top-line summaries and deep-dives into your sales by category, item, or payment type

insights into sales, your menu, server performance, labour cost, loyalty, guestbook

Sales reports, Availability reports, customer, finance and Kitchen operation reporting.


Free to start with paying feature add-ons

Tiers of $59, $199, $359 pm



Custom pricing


Android + iOS support as well as Square devices

Andriod + iOS support as well as upserves own devices

Andriod + iOS support

Transaction rates

1.75% on chip and PIN or contactless payment

The standard pricing is 2.49% + $0.15 per transaction


Custom Pricing, may vary

Stock management function

Basic tools for counting in-stock items

features included automated item countdown

 Feature Included in app

Order and Pay App





A POS built to streamline and speed up your restaurant operation, from front-of-house and back-of-house to collection and takeaway.


Upserve's restaurant management software is an all-in-one solution to successfully run your restaurant. Providing payment processing, point of sale and valuable insights to boost margins while saving time.

Simplify your tech stack and take back control of your operations. We offer best-in-class digital ordering, EPOS, KDS and back office solutions - plus seamless API based integrations with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

Company size

Small - medium business

Small - medium enterprise


Order at table Software 


A convenient way for your guests to place their order. Place a QR code on the table for quick access to your branded digital menu and watch your ATV increase by up to 30%.

Automate manual tasks and let your staff focus on what's important - providing that great, personal customer service. With smart digital ordering solutions like Mobile Order & Pay, Kiosks and Click & Collect, customers can browse, order and pay their way.

HACCP software

Food Docs

 Fooddocs Image


  • Your HACCP-based Food Safety System is  set up in a matter of minutes
  • Automatically generated and auto-filled monitoring sheets help to save time
  • Smart mobile app with notifications  for upcoming tasks
  • Automated readings from temperature sensors and barcode readers
  • Real-time dashboard for the manager to get a quick overview
  • Digital records and activity logs
  • Digital food safety audits to maintain high food safety standards
  • Easily find allergen lists in the production section
  • Access to traceability and recall monitoring log 
  • Built-in HACCP food safety plan  that is customizable, editable, and downloadable

That's our quick run down of Restaurant management Technology. Hopefully you've gained some insight into the services available. Remember to research fully on the services to make sure they are applicable to your business needs.