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Restaurant Talk Issue 2

Posted on 20/01/2021

Hello and welcome to issue 2 of Restaurant Talk. We’ve been looking for inspiration and innovation in foodservice through very trying times. With the latest restrictions, it seemed like issue 2 might have been an impossible task. BUT, the people in our fabulous industry continue to push on and kick adversity in the whatsits, so here we go…

MEATLiquor Drive Thru

MEATLiquor are going back to their roots, by teaming up with The Bohemia pub (with a large car park) to offer a drive thru via their van. The pub is also giving away the beer they would have had to throw away for a charitable donation.

Pop up and profit

As the writer of this newsletter, I had the misfortune of missing out on a gourmet burger from The Flaming Gourmand, a catering company specialising in BBQ. They did a new year's pop up, as a trial to gauge popularity, and sold out on the first day. They were planning to operate over two days and had to shut up shop on day one as they sold everything. All promotion was done via social media. A side note, I noticed their chips were SuperCrunch 9.5mm, no wonder they were popular.

Michelin star fine dining to burger joint

Mana, Manchester's first Michelin-starred restaurant, has moved to offering takeaway burgers. These burgers, as you would expect, are a little special and cost £17. Although the economy has taken a hit, those who are still earning a living have little to spend their money on so providing premium products is a great way to boost profits and as a way to gain great PR.

Bristol restaurant opens as shop and deli

Bristol restaurant Bianchis is to completely reinvigorate itself as a deli and shop, selling freshly baked bread, hand crafted pasta and sauces, along with daily creations from their chef. Judging for their >1600 views on Instagram, there's interest from their community.

Harry Potter's tea party

Edinburgh's Wardorf Astoria have announced an unusual delivery service. A Harry Potter themed boozy brunch experience available for collection and local delivery. It's not only very PR worthy, but sure to get fans excited.

Planning ahead in these times

Simon Rimmer's restaurant, Greens, is moving ahead with plans for Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. They have taken the initiative by guessing that they're unlikely to be open for either events so are planting the seed in their customer's minds about planning for these two key restaurant dates with cook at home meal kits.

Riding the vegan wave - with meal kits

Meal Kits have been big and many restaurants have been quick to take advantage of this. Dirty Bones, the NYC inspired eatery and cocktail bar, has been selling burger kits nationwide, they're now riding the Veganuary trend with their vegan burger kit for £42 (this includes delivery).

That's it until next time folks

Thanks for reading and keep up the great work. We're proud to be part of this amazing industry. If you've got anything to shout about or see something that you think would help your peers, let us know and we'll add it to the next edition of Restaurant Talk.

Until next time. Good health and prosperity to you.

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