Caesar Salad Recipe

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Caesar Salad Recipe

The demand for healthier food exists in all sectors of foodservice, including fast food as demonstrated by the rapid growth of Leon. This Gluten-Free Caesar Salad is quick and easy to make and offers customers a healthy choice.


Cook 250g of Aviko Herb Diced Potato for 15minutes 220⁰C in the oven, or for 3.5mins at 17⁰C  in the fryer.

Dressing & Salad

In a large bowl, mash anchovy fillets into a paste, add egg yolk and whisk with a fork. Add olive oil and mix, add lemon juice, mix again, add Dijon mustard, mix, and finally grate 20g of parmesan into dressing and mix one last time.


Fry of grill seasoned skin on chicken breasts on medium heat on both sides.